Technology Commercialization:
What Sells? “WHAT” sells!

Technology Commercialization: What Sells? “WHAT” sells!

Technology commercialization is aimed at matching buyers and sellers. But buyers and sellers of “what”? The reflex response is “technology, of course”! If you’re trying to commercialize your “technology”, you’ll need to consider more deeply and broadly what your prospective customers actually want to buy. Our advice is to view your technology as a “functionality.” What your technology does for your customer is its functionality – and the right functionality sells. Whether the saleable embodiment of your technology is a product, process, chemical, material, or something else, it will serve one or more functions for your customer. Functionality is what customers buy and what you will sell. Viewing your technology in terms of its functionality can open up a wider range of prospective commercial opportunities, as well as more sharply define categories of opportunities.

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