From Lab to Market…
Some Best Practices Along the Way

From Lab to Market…Some Best Practices Along the Way

In a “From the President” column in MIT’s Technology Review, President Rafael Rife addressed a problem that seems endlessly in search of a solution: how to keep new ideas based on new science from “getting stuck in the lab.” 1. For those who have grappled with this issue, whether in start-ups or in large established corporations, it is perhaps comforting to know that an august institution such as MIT is still seeking solutions to the same problem. One of the approaches proposed by Dr. Reif recognizes that there are “best practices” with respect to the technical refinement and iteration essential to commercial success and that mastery of such best practices could help speed-to-market. This post is the first of a series of posts focused on practices that enable successful management of issues at the technology/business interface. We start with technology assessment.

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1 Reif, L. Rafael (September/October 2015). “From the President: Priming the Innovation Pipeline”. MIT Technology Review. P. 7.